Nova Electric Rugged AC Power Systems

Since 1966, Nova Electric has been the technological leader in rugged AC power conversion technology to create rugged AC power systems and military ups systems. Nova acquired that position through a dedication to engineering and manufacturing excellence, and a design philosophy that ensures the highest degree of product quality and reliability.

While many companies offer desktop or consumer products “modified” or “ruggedized” for certain applications, Nova Electric’s products are designed from inception and specifically built as truly Rugged AC Power Sources, which can be used in harsh environment Military, Commercial, and Industrial applications. Nova’s Rugged AC Power Sources have been successfully qualified to Military Environmental Standards such as MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-167, MIL-S-901, MIL-STD-461, MIL-STD-740, and MIL-STD-1399, with some of our supplies still on full-time active duty after 58+ years in the field! Nova’s specialty power sources include True Online UPSs, Pure Sinewave DC-AC Inverters, Solid-State Frequency Converters, Power Distribution Units (PDUs,) Custom EMI Filters, and Maintenance Bypass Switches (MBSs.)

Robust construction and extremely high reliability are features inherent to Nova Electric’s products, which all feature modular design, with field replaceable subassemblies for very low MTTR figures. Equally as important, standing behind each product with the Nova Electric nameplate is a company with over 50 years of experience in the engineering design and quality manufacturing of truly Rugged AC Power Sources – the same Rugged AC Power Sources trusted by all of the major Defense Prime Contractors, all branches of the American DOD (and US-Friendly Defense Departments worldwide,) and industrial firms in the most demanding applications in existence.

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Recent News & Press Releases

Nova Electric NERM-Series Rugged 75 KW UPS Passes MIL-S-901D Grade A Barge Test!

Nova’s rugged NERM-Series True Online 75 KW UPS System has passed the brutal MIL-S-901D Grade A Barge Test, successfully operating through five blasts as specified in the standard! This slow-motion video... read more

Nova Electric NERM-Series Rugged UPS Passes MIL-S-901D Grade A Barge Test!

Nova's rugged NERM-Series True Online UPS System with a 60 kVA input rating has passed the brutal MIL-S-901D Grade A Barge Test, successfully operating through five blasts as specified in... read more

Technology Dynamics Inc. Adds Jasper Electronics To Its Portfolio!

Technology Dynamics, Inc. has now added Jasper Electronics to its portfolio. Jasper is an innovative leader in the design and manufacture of specialized and custom advanced power supplies ranging from 5W... read more

Nova’s Rugged NGLRK Lightweight Three-Phase Pure Sinewave Inverters Now Available Up To 13.5 KVA!

Nova Electric's Rugged NGLRK Lightweight Three-Phase Pure Sinewave DC-AC Inverters are now available in continuous power output up to 13.5 KVA / 10.2 KW! As before, these units are offered... read more

Inside Salesperson Rubain Patrawala Completed the Military Battlefield Challenge at AUSA Warfighter Summit!

At the July 2022 AUSA Warfighter Summit & Exhibition in Fayetteville, NC, our Inside Salesperson Rubain Patrawala completed the Military Battlefield Challenge obstacle course! In office clothes, no less! See... read more

Lockheed Martin to build radar- and infrared-guided missile defense interceptors in $304.9 million deal

From May 20, 2022: "Missile defense experts at Lockheed Martin Corp. will build radar- and infrared-guided missile-defense rocket interceptors for the U.S. and Saudi Arabia to protect against incoming ballistic... read more

2022 AUSA Warfighter Summit & Exhibition – Fayetteville, NC – July 28-29, 2022

Please join us in Booth #317 at the 2022 AUSA Warfighter Summit & Exhibition in Fayetteville, NC July 28-29. Nova engineers will be staffing our booth, ready to propose field-proven... read more

Nova’s NERM Rugged Modular UPS Systems for FAA Air Traffic Control Back-Up System Upgrades

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has started investing the first $1 billion of $5 billion available via the recently passed Infrastructure bill into the country’s air... read more

Nova Powers Lockheed’s New AN/TPQ-53 Counter-Fire Radar!

Military + Aerospace Electronics reports that "radar experts at Lockheed Martin Corp. are moving to full-scale production of the company's AN/TPQ-53 counter-fire radar to detect, classify, track, and pinpoint enemy drones... read more