Rugged Portable Transformers

Rugged Portable Transformers in Freestanding, Rack Mount, and Custom Configurations

Custom 3KVA Freestanding Transformer with MS Connector Shown

Nova Electric’s transformers are all designed and built in house to exact customer specifications from 250W to 500+KW and beyond. Only the highest quality materials are used, and customers can specify special wire or hardware requirements. Each transformer produced is made to a UL 220°C class H insulation system with HPT insulated copper magnet wire and Nomex insulation. To protect against moisture, each transformer is varnished in a vacuum impregnation system and then finished with a durable black top coating. Each transformer also undergoes a very thorough inspection process that includes hi-pot and continuity testing, as well as visual inspection. Transformers are available in freestanding, rack mount (with or without chassis slides and shock bull pin receptacles,) or sealed portable enclosures appropriately ruggedized for military or harsh environment applications. Connectors and other miscellaneous options can be ordered as per unique customer requirements.

Rugged 3U Rack-Mount Auto Transformer Shown

For More Details:

Due to the “built to order” nature of these accessories, we encourage any interested customers to forward us complete details of what they require – electrical and environmental specs, space and weight constraints, quantity required, etc. – so that we may propose the most effective solution. Customers are encouraged to e-mail complete specifications or call to discuss such applications with a project engineer so that we can tailor our solution to your specific needs.