Nova Electric’s Rugged AC Power Sources are used in:

  • Military applications aboard ships, submarines, aircraft, drones, UAVs, and vehicles including HMMWV
  • Harsh environments such as desert pipelines, off-shore rigs, work trains, and steel mills
  • Automation systems installed in factories, refineries, and utility power plants
  • Critical communications in Military Shelters and at Federal and State Agencies
  • Homeland Security, 911 Systems, Emergency Vehicles and Command Post

Nova Electric’s customers include:

Military References

Nova has been providing all branches of the US Armed Forces, as well as US-friendly forces worldwide, the highest quality power conversion equipment for all military harsh environment requirements since 1966. Just  a few of the many high profile programs we support include:

Naval – US Naval vessels and systems which rely on Nova Electric hardware include the USN DDG Class, USN Virginia-Class submarines, USN LCS2, USN LCS4, USN LHA-6, USN LHA7, USN AN/SQQ-89A(V)15, USN OJ-830(V)1/U TCC, USN LHA-6, USN LHA-7, USN LCC-19 Blue Ridge, AN/SPQ-11, N-TIS, AN-UYQ-65 Aegis, AN-UYQ-70,  Advanced Arresting Gear Systems, and many more. US-friendly fleets such as the Royal Australian Navy’s Air Warfare Destroyer, Royal Australian Navy’s Collins-Class submarines, Royal Australian Navy’s HMAS Choules, UK Type 45 Daring-Class Warfare Destroyer,  Canada’s MARCOM Halifax Class Modernization Project (HCMP), Royal NZ Navy’s Anzac-Class Frigates, Royal Netherlands Navy’s Walrus-Class subs, Spanish Navy’s F-100 Class, the Royal Singapore Navy’s Bedok Class, and Turkish Navy’s Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile System, Search & Rescue Vessels, MoShip and RatShip Classes all rely on Nova hardware as well.

Aircraft – US Armed Forces Aircraft and systems which rely on Nova Electric hardware include the USAF C17, US Coast Guard HU25 and C130 Casper, NASA’s C23 Sherpa, US NAVAIR C26, Boeing’s 737, 747, and E4B, Lockheed’s C-141 Starlifter and C-130 Hercules, JLENS, Persistent Ground Surveillance System, Desert Owl Radar Systems, and many more.

UAV – US Armed Forces UAVs which rely on Nova Electric hardware include Global Hawk, Constant Hawk, Fire Scout, RQ7 Shadow, and Predator, and many more.

Land Vehicles – US Armed Forces Land Vehicle projects which rely on Nova Electric hardware include WIN-T, AN/TMQ-52 MMS-P Profiler, AN/TPQ-36, THAAD AN/TPY2, Joint Services Light Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Reconnaissance System, T3 HMMWV, TACPVCS Platform, Distributed Common Ground System, Patriot Config-3 Missile Defense Platform, and many more.

Land-Based Systems – US Armed Forces stationary land-based projects which rely on Nova Electric hardware include Agile Rapid Global Combat Support, Ballistic Missile Defense Systems, Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast systems, Combat Electromagnetic Environment Simulator, the DOD’s Joint Material Decontamination System, Raytheon’s Joint Precision Approach & Landing Systems, Multi-Spectral Targeting Systems, and Digital Airport Surveillance Radar Systems, the Three-Dimensional Expeditionary Long-Range Radar, the CHS-5 Program, and the USAF F16 Improved Avionics Intermediate Shop tester.

The above is only a very short list of the references available. Please contact us  for more references which are available upon request.