Battery Restoration Program

The batteries in your UPS System have a generally defined lifespan, after which their performance diminishes rapidly. That’s why for critical applications, deploying healthy batteries is mandatory for proper UPS battery backup and power protection operation. Battery life is typically reported in years at +25C / +77F, but several factors can dramatically affect this figure, including but not limited to:

  • Environmental factors, especially storage and operational temperatures
  • Battery chemistry
  • The degree to which batteries have been properly maintained
  • If the batteries are routinely charged per manufacturer’s recommendations

Nova Electric offers a simple hot swap battery restoration program to address this issue, specifically designed for existing proactive customers who want to make certain that their current UPSs are fully functional for mission-critical applications.

Expected Life:

For reference if you’re considering the Battery Restoration Program, UPS users can expect the following battery lifespans in ideal conditions, measured at +25C / +77F:

  • Standard Sealed VRLA: 3-5 years
  • Premium VRLA: 8 years (Cyclon or Genesis XE type)
  • LiFePO4: 5 years

Higher temperatures, harsh environmental conditions, lack of maintenance, and other factors can severely reduce these figures.

Here’s How It Works:

Using the form below, please let us know your complete contact information. We will also need the serial number of your UPS. Once received, we will respond with data about your current battery system’s age and expected life per the battery manufacturer, along with a quote for a complete slide-in or drop-in hot swap replacement battery system. The replacement is easy and quick, and is designed to be performed on-site using instructions we will provide – no expensive downtime required! Contact us today!

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