External Maintenance Bypass Switches (MBS)

Typical 10-40 KVA Bulkhead Mount MBS Front View
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Typical 1-5KVA Rack Mount MBS Front / Rear View
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In applications where external MBS are required in harsh environment, industrial grade products often fall short in being able to withstand high shock, vibration, and humidity for extended periods of time. Now, the same standalone MBSs supplied with Nova’s military power conversion equipment are available for purchase on their own. Rack mount and bulkhead mount versions are available, all featuring the same ruggedized construction that allows our supplies to be qualified to MIL-STD-810, MIL-S-901, MIL-STD-167 and other related environmental standards.

When used with one of our UPS systems, the External Maintenance Bypass Switch allows the complete removal of power from the UPS system for safe service and maintenance, while maintaining power to the load.

For More Details:

Due to the “built to order” nature of these accessories, we encourage any interested customers to forward us complete details of what they require – electrical and environmental specs, space and weight constraints, quantity required, etc. – so that we may propose the most effective solution. Customers are encouraged to e-mail complete specifications or call to discuss such applications with a project engineer so that we can tailor our solution to your specific needs. All specifications subject to change without notice.