Nova Electric power solutions division resides within a 50,000 square foot factory complex in Bergenfield, NJ USA, approximately 20 minutes from New York City. This plant includes all necessary facilities for the complete design, manufacturing, and testing of True Online UPS Systems, Pure Sinewave DC-AC Inverters, train inverters, subway inveters, Solid State Frequency Converters, Power Distribution Units, EMI Filters, Maintenance Bypass Switches, Power Supplies, and related accessories, including: engineering R&D labs, printed circuit board stuffing stations, wiring harness stations, sub-assembly and transformer manufacturing, final assembly, and environmental and electrical testing. In addition, our in-house machine shop serves to produce customized sheet metal quickly and accurately. Having all facets of the design and production of our products under one roof ensures total quality, quick delivery, and gives Nova Electric power solutions division the ability to rapidly customize COTS equipment as required.

Directions to Nova Electric in Bergenfield New Jersey

Please click on the map below for directions to Nova Electric’s power solutions factory complex in Bergenfield NJ for our vast array of AC power sources, including True Online UPS Systems, Rail Inverters, Subway Inverters, DC – AC inverters, Solid-State Frequency Converters, Power Distribution Units (PDUs,) Maintenance Bypass Switches (MBSs,) Portable Rugged Transformers, and Custom EMI Filters. Please contact us for a comprehensive price quote.