Night Vision

US Army Night Vision and Electronic Sensors

US Army Night Vision program relies on Nova Electric’s rugged NGL Series of DC-AC inverters to provide reliable, pure sinewave AC power from a military vehicle DC input wherever the system is deployed.

Powered by the Dam: Nova-powered EUVs Keep Dam Employees Moving

The Nation’s largest dam now has the largest fleet of electric trucks, all of which rely on Nova Electric’s rugged pure-sinewave DC-AC Inverters. This fall, 27 electric utility vehicles will begin making tracks around Grand Coulee Dam. The Bureau of Reclamation is launching…



The US Navy’s AEGIS Cruisers and Destroyers utilize an IVCS computer-controlled telephone system that consists of two interconnected interior-communications switching centers, dial terminals, network terminals, terminal accessories and associated cabling. The system can be connected to a ship’s announcing system, shore telephone lines, radio communications and certain battle sound-powered telephone circuits. Nova Electric’s rugged RCGL-Series […]

Raytheon D-RAPCON


The D-RAPCON system, nicknamed “air traffic control in a box,” is a deployable air traffic control surveillance system that provides a supportable, adaptable, persistent, expeditionary terminal approach and en route surveillance with control capability for use by joint, coalition and civil aircraft worldwide. It can deploy within 48 hours worldwide by C-130 aircraft and takes […]

Global Broadcast Service (GBS)

GBS is a combined United States Space and Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence (C3I) system, that provides a one-way Wideband/high-Throughput of information to forces garrisoned, deployed, or on the move.  An advancement in satellite communications, GBS fills two key Military communications requirements: 1) high data rates to many users at once; and 2) high data […]


UH-60L Blackhawk

Nova Electric’s rugged DC-input CGLUPS System provides reliable backup power to the Blackhawk’s 60Hz generic test platform, as used by the US Army’s Redstone Test Center.


Royal Norwegian Air Force C130J

The NDLO specifies the use of Nova Electric’s rugged Ultra Lightweight UPS / Frequency Converter for use on C130J aircraft, to provide reliable power to an on-board ambulance.