Warranty Info

Seller warrants to Buyer that each product supplied by it is of good workmanship and free from any inherent defects. The product is warranteed FOB Origin for a period of one year, (from the shipping date) provided that it is installed and operated in accordance with Seller’s instructions and generally accepted industrial practices, and further provided that the product is used under conditions for which it is designed, and within the limits of its specifications, with proper care, protections and maintenance under the supervision of competent personnel.

All other guarantees, warranties, conditions of representations, either expressed or implied, whether arising under statute, common law, and commercial usage or otherwise, including implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are excluded.

Under no circumstances whatsoever shall seller be liable to any person or company for any direct, indirect or consequential damages, injuries, downtime or financial losses resulting from failure of the product to perform its functions in part or in full due to any reason including failure of component(s) or mechanical elements within the product. Seller further disclaims any responsibility for any and all damages resulting from errors, omissions or misinterpretation of any document (inclusive of user manual), that it provides to Buyer.

Buyer is to obtain a Return Material Authorization Number from Seller prior to returning any failed product for evaluation and repair. Buyer is responsible for the shipping charges of the product from wherever it is to seller’s repair facility door to door. Further, buyer is responsible for any damage that occurs on route by poor packing by Buyer or by negligence or mistreatment by the freight carrier(s) handling and transporting the product to Seller’s facility. Buyer is to list the RMA# on all shipping documents, and on the exterior of the package. International Buyers are responsible for release of merchandise upon arrival from U.S. Customs and delivery to Seller’s facility.

Seller should review Buyers complaint, and test the product to validate such complaint. If the product is deemed defective, Seller shall repair it or replace it free of charge if it is within the warranty period. Seller will then ship the product to any location with the USA that is specified by the Buyer via surface transport carrier.

Should Buyer require other more speedy and expensive method of transport, Seller will require Buyer to pay additional transport charges to upgrade the mode of transportation. International Buyer’s should advise Seller of the address of their forwarder in the USA.

Equipment will be repaired within 1 to 4 weeks from the arrival date. Buyer is to notify Seller if the equipment is urgently needed in which case Seller will do its utmost to accommodate the Buyer’s schedule. Should the returned product be found to be fully functional and the Buyer’s complaint cannot be verified, Seller reserves the right to require appropriate payment to cover test and evaluation charges.