NASA’s SOFIA Flying Obervatory Makes Amazing New Discovery!

NASA's SOFIA Flying Observatory has pinpointed the first type of molecule that formed in the universe after the Big Bang. The SOFIA telescope is housed on a Boeing 747-SP airplane which flies at up to 45,000 feet, where its observations are not impacted by interference from Earth's atmosphere. SOFIA returns to Earth after every flight, allowing scientists to regularly update the instrument with the latest technology. NASA chose Nova Electric to supply the rugged 400 Hz UPS Systems used [...]

Nova Electric Introduces New DO-160 Aircraft-Grade True Online UPS

Nova Electric’s new Aircraft Grade UPSs are designed specifically for military airborne requirements in accordance with DO-160, MIL-STD-461, and other relevant environmental standards. These are the UPSs of choice for NAVAIR, Boeing, EADS, Orbital Sciences, NASA, the US Coast Guard, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, and many other high profile airborne applications worldwide. Typically, these rugged, ultra light weight UPS models have aircraft power input of 115/200 VAC, 400Hz, three-phase wye, with single phase input also available, in power levels from [...]


The US Navy’s AEGIS Cruisers and Destroyers utilize an IVCS computer-controlled telephone system that consists of two interconnected interior-communications switching centers, dial terminals, network terminals, terminal accessories and associated cabling. The system can be connected to a ship’s announcing system, shore telephone lines, radio communications and certain battle sound-powered telephone circuits. Nova Electric’s rugged RCGL-Series DC-AC Inverter provides reliable pure sinewave power to the IVCS on board.  


The D-RAPCON system, nicknamed “air traffic control in a box,” is a deployable air traffic control surveillance system that provides a supportable, adaptable, persistent, expeditionary terminal approach and en route surveillance with control capability for use by joint, coalition and civil aircraft worldwide. It can deploy within 48 hours worldwide by C-130 aircraft and takes less than six hours to set up. The D-RAPCON relies on Nova Electric’s rugged Ultra Lightweight UPS for reliable backup power. The UPS is [...]