General Inverter Information


NOVA ELECTRIC manufactures the most complete and comprehensive line of Solid-State pure Sine-Wave DC-AC Inverters available today from any American producer. We are foremost experts in the field of inverter technology, and our inverters employ different technologies across the product line – each selected to produce the highest level of reliability and high input-to-output efficiency.

Unparalleled Experience: Nova Electric’s 33+ years of experience in designing and manufacturing inverters are our most valuable resource in meeting each customer’s unique power conversion application. Our inverters are used under the most demanding conditions worldwide, in environments ranging from the intense heat of the Saudi Arabian desert to the freezing cold of the Arctic. Our inverters have been submerged, dried out, and then operated. They have been exposed to the harsh environments of Steel Mills, mounted on pneumatic drills, and used within HMMWVs – and survived for many years of reliable service!

Output Capabilities: ALL Nova inverters are available with 60 Hz., 50 Hz., or 400 Hz. output. They are also available with any output voltage commonly (or uncommonly) required. Unique output frequencies can also be provided.

Choosing The Right Inverter: All Nova DC-AC Inverters have pure Sine-Wave outputs. We offer five proven series to meet almost any requirement:

Galaxy Lightweight Series: Like the standard Galaxy-Series inverters, these lightweight models also utilize sine modulation techniques. However, no heavy output isolation transformers are used. Rather, isolation is achieved using advanced DC-DC conversion techniques. Models are available in 1-10+ KVA output and almost any nominal DC input listed herein. Models with the prefix “GL” fall into this series.

Galaxy-Series: These rugged inverters utilize sine modulation techniques along with an output isolation power transformer. They feature high efficiency and a very long service life. Models are available in 1-60+ KVA output and any nominal DC input listed herein. Models with the prefix “G,” “GH,” or “GS” fall into this series.

Classic-Series: These durable models feature typical service lives of over 20 years! They are available in 125 VA, 250 VA, or 500 VA output and almost any nominal DC input.

Three-Phase Inverters: Nova Galaxy Lightweight Series inverters can be arranged for three-phase operation by the customer upon request. We accomplish this by packaging three separate single-phase inverters as one three-phase unit or as a series of modules. All popular nominal DC input voltages and AC output voltages are available upon request, in sizes from 1.5-60+ KVA. Please consult the factory for details.

Ongoing Research: Our engineers operate within a continually ongoing research program, designed to insure that our products employ the latest technological advances in circuitry and components. This program has resulted in enhanced reliability, higher efficiencies, and improved inverter performance. Our commitment to constantly push the technological envelope assures our customers that they receive the most reliable, highest quality inverters on the market today.



Typical Applications

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  • 12 VDC Models
    [typography font=”Cantarell” size=”11″ size_format=”px”]Automotive Testing, TV and Radio Vans.[/typography]
  • 24 VDC Models
    [typography font=”Cantarell” size=”11″ size_format=”px”]Communications, Process Control, Security Systems and Military Programs.[/typography]
  • 36 VDC Models
    [typography font=”Cantarell” size=”11″ size_format=”px”]Communication Systems and Rapid Transit.[/typography]
  • 48 VDC Models
    [typography font=”Cantarell” size=”11″ size_format=”px”]Telephone Communications and Cellular Applications.[/typography]
  • 72 VDC Models
    [typography font=”Cantarell” size=”11″ size_format=”px”]Rapid Transit.[/typography]
  • 120 VDC Models
    [typography font=”Cantarell” size=”11″ size_format=”px”]Electric Utilities and Military Applications (155 VDC).[/typography]
  • 240 VDC Models
    [typography font=”Cantarell” size=”11″ size_format=”px”]Steel Industry, Heavy Industry and Military Applications (270 VDC).[/typography]
  • 600 VDC & 750 VDC Models
    [typography font=”Cantarell” size=”11″ size_format=”px”]Mass Transit and Work Trains.[/typography]


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[box type=”info”]Input Capabilities: Nova has delivered inverter systems with input voltages from 10 VDC to 1200 VDC. While offering a line of standard inverters, we deliver equipment at intermediate DC voltages to meet unique customer needs.[/box]

[box type=”info”]Other DC ranges Available[/box]