Partial Inverter Option List

Nova offers a large number of options to assist the end user in the proper application of their inverters. Some of the more popular ones are listed below:

R Ruggedization against high shock, vibration, and humidity to MIL-STD-810
P1 19" Wide EIA Rack-Mount Panel
P2 23" Wide EIA Rack-Mount Panel
P3 24" Wide EIA Rack-Mount Panel
Y11 / Y12 Static Transfer Switch (Y11 = inverter normal / Y12 = utility normal)
Y21 / Y22 Electromechanical Transfer Switch (Y21 = inverter normal / Y22 = utility normal)
B1 Input Circuit Breaker
B2 Output Circuit Breaker
C Low Temperature Operation to -40 Degrees Celsius
M1 Output Voltmeter and Ampmeter
M2 Output Frequency Meter
M3 Input Voltmeter and Ampmeter
M5 Elapsed Time Meter
TF / HF Input Transient Filter or Harsh Filter
V1 / V2 Input Overvoltage & Undervoltage Shut-Off Circuit (Standard on Galaxy-Series)
W Wall-Mounting Plate
X +/-0.05% Crystal Oscillator
Please note that the options listed above may not fit or may already be standard equipment on some Nova Inverters. Please consult the factory for details.

Custom Applications: Nova offers an almost infinite combination of custom cabinets and configurations to satisfy almost any application! Our inverters are extremely rugged by design, and feature an advanced Internal Suppression Filter Network to suppress the significant transients usually associated with these applications. Please don’t hesitate to contact the factory for additional information.