Why Solid State Frequency Converters are Superior to Rotary Generator Set


Nova Electric designs and manufactures only advanced, Solid-State type frequency converters. Solid-State converters are superior to the old-fashioned rotary generator sets in several ways, including:

1. Reliability: Unlike rotary generator sets, Solid-State frequency converters have no moving parts to wear out or break. The result is higher dependability, longer MTBF, and shorter MTTR.

2. Maintenance Costs: Those moving parts in the rotary generator sets have to be serviced and maintained on a regular basis, or the risk of premature failure increases even further. Solid-State converters require no such maintenance, dramatically reducing the cost of the converter over its useful life.

3. Noise: Since Solid-State converters have no moving mechanical parts generating a loud racket, the only sounds heard from the unit come from the small cooling fans and the transformer. The result is very quiet operation – typically 55 dBA at 5 feet distance.

4. Size: Typically, Solid-State converters of any given power output rating are much smaller and lighter than rotary generator sets of the same power output rating.

In addition to the above, there are many other reasons to choose Nova Electric’s Solid-State converters, especially our ability to quickly customize our standard Solid-State converters for unique applications. For example, many of our three-phase Jupiter Series Converters have the provision to add a battery backup feature for little added cost – please consult the factory for details. And please remember, Nova Electric has been designing and manufacturing Premium Solid-State Frequency Converters since 1966 – Experience counts!