NASA’s SOFIA Makes New Discoveries About Pluto’s Haze

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NASA’s SOFIA Makes New Discoveries About Pluto’s Haze

NASA’s SOFIA (Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy) 747 Aircraft has made exciting new discoveries about the haze surrounding Pluto. From Shane McGlaun’s article in May 13, 2020:

“Those observations show the thin haze surrounding Pluto is made of very small particles that remain in the atmosphere for prolonged periods rather than immediately falling to the surface. The data shows that the haze particles are actively replenished, which revises predictions of the fate of Pluto’s atmosphere as it moves into colder areas of space during its 248-year orbit around the sun.

Scientists on the project say that there had been hints in earlier remote observations that Pluto might have a haze around it. Still, there was no substantial evidence to confirm that it existed until SOFIA observations. Scientists say that they are now questioning if the atmosphere around Pluto will collapse in the coming years, they say that the atmosphere may be more resilient than thought.”

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