Compact, Lightweight COTS Inverters Industry Smallest 120VA to 4500VA

Lightweight COTS

Lightweight COTS

Nova Electric Div. of Technology Dynamics Inc, a New Jersey Company, launched a complete family of rugged static inverters reflecting the latest in power conversion technology and components in the market.

This series offers great design flexibility in terms of DC input voltage (24, 36, 72, 48, 120, 270 VDC), output voltages (120, 230 VAC) and output frequency (50, 60 and 400 Hz), which enables it to satisfy most military, industrial and commercial applications. The various modules in this series are already in deployment on military vehicles, ships and aircraft. The great advantage in terms of small size, light weight and ability to customize, make this series very adaptable for applications in which such attributes are extremely important.

The standard inverters in the NGL series span power levels from 120 VA to 4.5 KVA. Any of the models can be used to formulate a 3 phase WYE configuration systems providing 120/208 VAC, and providing up to 13.5 KVA of clean, well-conditioned and tightly regulated 3 phase power from the aforementioned inputs battery, or 120 VDC (in power stations), or from +270 VDC in shipboard or Avionics systems.

The 3 KVA model with 24 VDC input (18-32 VDC) and 220V output has already been qualified to MIL-STD-461F, MIL-STD-810 and other military standards. The units can be offered optionally with military circular connectors. The company also offers optional mounting hardware and ESS testing. Call for printed catalog.

For the online catalog please follow this link.

Further information call Ms. Carol Dawkins at Nova Electric at 201 385 0500, ext. 121

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