Smallest Avionic Type 3 Phase Inverter

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Smallest Avionic Type 3 Phase Inverter

Bergenfield, NJ, December 15th, 2017 – Nova Electric introduced the most compact avionic type 3 phase inverter 24V to 115/200 Volt 400 Hz.
The unit measures 17.75” L x 13” W x 8” H and weighs only 34 lbs.

Avionic Type 3 Phase Inverter

This inverter is rated 6KVA or 4.5W and is intended to power avionic equipment that require very accurate frequency as well as minimal weight. The unit is designed to comply with the DO-160 requirements, and is now in the qualification process.

The input is per MIL-STD-704, which governs the power quality on board military aircraft. The output voltage is tightly regulated pure sinewave with less than 3% THD. The unit has standard protection features of OVP, OLP and OTP.

The construction of the unit is designed to meet the shock, vibration, humidity, altitude (15,000 ft.) and crash safety of MIL-STD-160.This inverter can be easily adapted to rack mount configuration and will fit in 5U enclosure.

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