Compact 2 kVA Pure Sinewave Frequency Converter



Nova Electric introduced a very small size and light weight frequency converter designed for industrial and military applications. The unit is the smallest and lightest of its class for this power level. It features active power factor correction and isolation between input and output. It accepts a universal input of 100-250 VAC, 50, 60 or 400 Hz and delivers single phase 115 VAC or 220 VAC 50, 60 or 400 Hz. It can however also accept an input of 150-370 VDC.

The model NGFCPFC2K provides a pure sinewave output and is capable to drive high inrush and nonlinear loads. It is equipped with over-load, over-voltage and over-temperature protections. It can be optionally ruggedized to meet the environmental conditions of MIL-STD-810 as well as DO-160. Interface is made via optional circular connector for the input and Anderson Power terminals for output, however the interface can be customized in terms of the connector type and location. The module is fan cooled and may be mounted in any orientation. It measures 6.25” W x 3” H x 12.25” L and weights 7 lb. Note that the design allows connecting three units to form a 3 phase system of 115/200 VAC (or 120/208 VAC) 50, 60 or 400 Hz, or 220/380V 50, 60 or 400 Hz.

Other voltages and frequencies are also possible.

Delivery is 3 – 6 weeks.

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