Nova’s True Online UPS Systems Can Keep Critical Medical Equipment Running When Utility Power Fails

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Nova’s True Online UPS Systems Can Keep Critical Medical Equipment Running When Utility Power Fails

Problem: Right now, mobile hospitals and field hospitals are being set up in the COVID-19 hotpots throughout the world. These hospitals contain critical medical equipment, specifically ventilators, respirators, BiPAPs, CPAPs, used to treat the infected patients. These devices need to keep running, even if utility power fails, in order for patients to stay alive.

Solution: Nova’s Uninterruptible Power Supplies solve this problem by utilizing field proven True Online technology to provide battery backup to any critical medical device, from a few hundred watts to over 500 KW.  This is a vital, life-saving feature for areas of the world with unreliable utility power. Backup is available from a few minutes to 24+ hours.

As an added bonus, most models can also act as a Solid-State Frequency Converter to convert any standard voltage and frequency worldwide into utility-grade pure sinewave AC power in the specific voltage and frequency required by any critical medical hardware. This will allow the use of medical hardware initially designed only for European or Asian markets (220 VAC / 50 Hz) to be used in North America (120 VAC / 60 Hz) and vice-versa. With this feature, any hospital or medical clinic in the world can source equipment wherever and whenever it’s available, rather than waiting for equipment which exactly matches its existing utility power.

Nova Electric’s  lineup of UPSs is the broadest in the industry, available from a few hundred watts for a single medical device all the way up to 500+ KW, which can run several field hospitals simultaneously. All standard voltages and frequencies are available, in single or three phase power. Multiple mounting options allow installation anywhere, from 19” EIA equipment racks to wall-mount and floor mount cabinets.

Nova Electric is an “Essential Supplier” to the US Department of Defense, so we are fully operational during this difficult time, to support our customers with field-proven solutions. Please contact us with your requirements today – we’re here and we’re ready to help!

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