Railroad Grade Pure Sinewave Inverter Series WMNGL

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Railroad Grade Pure Sinewave Inverter Series WMNGL

Bergenfield, December 28th, 2017 – The Wall Mount WMNGL Series of small cabinet enclosed inverters of 2KVA and 3KVA was specifically designed for Rail Road applications requiring 72 V input (50-90 VDC) and 115V single phase 60 Hz sinewave output. This family of units has been fully qualified to all the performance, EMI, safety and environmental specifications for use in worldwide rail road systems. Many of these units are now used in Siemens locomotives produced in the USA. The unit has standard protection features of OVP, OLP and OTP and it meets NFPA130:2010 & NFPA 70 NEC 2011 Fire Protection Standards. The cabinet size is 14” tall by 17” wide by 5.27” deep, and weighs is 35 lbs.

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